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Find Your True Destination…

Deep in the woods of North Carolina, in the deep southern parts of the United States lies a quite little town called Mayodan… In this town, there are two rivers that connect, right smack dab in the middle of town… In the middle of this quaint little town, the two rivers meet. The Mayo river and the Dan river is how this little town got it’s name.

An interesting fact about the word Mayo and the word Dan, is what they mean in the Chinese language. Now, I’ve personally had a fascination with the Chinese language due to the pitch and tone it uses to communicate. Mayo, also Mei ao in Chinese, pronounced mayo, means ‘no’. Dan, also Dan in Chinese, pronounced as it appears, dan, translates to ‘but, however, yet’. This is merely a fun fact about those two words and how they translate loosely in another culture. I am unsure of how the names of the two rivers derived. Interestingly enough, No and but, are similar as to how they meet in the middle. The contrast between the words yes and no is in a way, the words such as ‘however’, ‘but’, and ‘yet’. When we hear the answer ‘no’, we like to defend with words such as ‘however’. In my perspective, theres a contrast there.

Now, how do we find this little town you might ask? Well, now a’ days, we can simply type up a destination and technology can get us there when we hit the green go button on our devices. Now, my question to you is this. When the phone looses charge or your device breaks on the journey, and you did’nt print off the map, how do you find the little town in the woods? The answer is’nt too difficult to be honest. You ask people along the way if they’ve heard of the town and they can ask their friends if their answer is no and if they are willing to help ya out. Now, once you get closer to the town, you’ll realize there are rivers that can guide you in the right direction. If you follow the river and go through the woods, and ask for directions along the way, you just might find it! Heres a big tip; try not to let that ego win when it comes to asking for the directions if your GPS happens to die along the way. The other tip is to charge your devices before you head our direction to avoid getting lost. The third and most fruitful tip in my experiences is to enjoy the journey if you get lost or not!

Theres a little park in this said town. In this town park, there are many memories made. The town was established over 200 years ago. The very ground of the town park has had many feet walk that plot of earth over the years. I’m sure well before the dawning of the first established building in the town, that ground has had feet prance on it, dance on it, run on it, play on it, and the list goes on and on.

Now days, there is a play ground and a gazebo, along with a nice little loop to walk on in order for more beautiful memories to be made. People of all shapes, sizes, ages, and all walks of life will meet at this park and discuss life. They will meet new friends, and meet up with old pals. This is a sanctuary for any being who is wanting to escape for a bit and take a few deep breaths of fresh air.

I welcome you to B in your town park where ever that might B for you. B in your park. B in your home town. B it in your heart if not physically; mentally go there from time to time in order to ground yourself in the busy world in which we live. I invite you to B.

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